We believe in getting under the skin of consumers so we can see the world from their perspective. We’ve looked in their cupboards, fridges, make-up bags, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. We’ve gone shopping with them, installed videos in their homes, watched them cook dinner and gone drinking with them. We’ve done this everywhere from Atlanta to Zagreb, with quite a few places in between.

We’re not fazed by anything – in fact we rather relish a challenge, whether it be difficult subjects, niche markets or multi-stage approaches. We’ve worked on a vast range of topics from condoms to colostomy bags, high end handbags to hearing aids. Even combine harvesters – yes, and tractors.

Our bespoke approach almost always involves different research methods such as classic groups and depths, accompanied shopping trips, in-home interviews, observation, bulletin boards, pre-tasks and so on. These different stages add richness, depth and complexity to our findings.

Whilst we love getting down and dirty with our consumers, our clients’ business objectives are always our guiding principle. We don’t seek to over-simplify complex issues, but we deliver results with clarity, relevance and commercial acuity.